Are you a remote worker or a digital nomad and want to meet the world with the most comfort?

Get to know our new Co-living options and enjoy Portugal’s Golden Island with its breathtaking views at Porto Santo Destination. 🌊

A small island in the Madeira Archipelago, with only 4000 inhabitants. Closer to North Africa (similar Latitude as Casablanca), have a very mild winter, not coming below 20ºC, and a warm ocean all year around. It is possible and likely to go to the beach during December at Porto Santo.

Madeira the neighboring island (accessible by 10 min flight or 2,5 ferry) is a successful case in the Nomad World, with a great reputation as the Hawai of Europe.

Porto Santo is a calm stress-free territory known for the 9 km long golden sand beach. Porto Santo is not Tourist developed and one has the feeling of being out of the beaten track.

In Porto Santo is possible all year around (very few rainy days) to do outdoor activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, diving (one of best European locations for those 2 last activities), biking, hiking, fishing, golf, paddling, horse riding, windsurf or any other sailing activity, SUP.

There isn’t yet a digital nomad community established, but totally there is there the potential to grow one.

Perfect for digital nomads, ex-pats, remote workers, students, etc.


CO-LIVING 15 DAYS  – Private Room with Ensuite Bathroom: From 720€ (November to May)
CO-LIVING 30 DAYS – Private Room with Ensuite Bathroom: From 1200€ (November to May)