novembre 2018

Fado – “The Portuguese Blues” Portugal has a diverse musical culture – from the French Provençal strain in the folk music of the north of the country, to Fado, the country’s national musical treasure. There are two basic styles of Fado: Lisbon and Coimbra. In

Our New Hostel Actually Isn’t A Hostel! Destination Hostels just opened to the public their new accommodation facility in Arrifana. No it’s not a hostel, as we are known for, it’s actually a Boutique. This time around we wanted to provide another

Alfama – A Beautiful Historic Place Alfama is in essence a great neighborhood to get beautifully deep into and find kids playing soccer, neighbors chit chatting or putting the laundry out to dry. The tiny streets are one of the most enigmatic

Best way to get around Lisbon The best way of transportation in Lisbon is absolutely walking . Even thou it’s quite hilly, you’ll find that the city essence it’s on the secrets that will surprise you at every turn. Whether it’s magnificent

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