Are you a digital nomad? Are you interested in relocating? Already thinking about the new Portuguese Nomad Visa?

Become part of our community at Destination Hostels! We offer you a flexible pass to some of the best locations in Portugal, with one monthly price you’ll just need to worry about where you want to go next!  If you don’t need to choose one Destination, why not have them all? 🗺

And if you know exactly where you want to stay, don’t worry, we’ve got you with the stand-alone pass!

With a monthly fixed price you can choose one of our best digital nomad locations at Ericeira Destination; Porto Santo Destination and HI Arrifana Destination, while having the most comfort with a private room all for yourself, including everything you’ll need while staying with us such as coffee machine in the room, your own table and chair in the room and free access to the coworking area where you will be able to meet people from all over the globe. 🌍

At awesome coworking areas and with a trustworthy wi-fi connection, you’ll get a truly worldwide class service.  You will be co-living with other nomads and building your network in collaboration with us.

In addition to the coworking spaces and the accommodation, destination hostels offer a variety of activities and events that you will have free access to so that you can be a part of the growth of our beautiful community.

Portugal has recently become a very popular digital nomad hub, and the new nomad visa is likely to become even more in demand. It is considered one of the safest countries in the world, with great views, some of the best beaches in the world, within minutes of driving from any major cities and easy access to local and organic food.

What are you waiting for? Your Digital Nomad Adventure starts with us!

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Conditions and Locations

  • Depends on room Availability of the Destination you choose
  • The reservation of you pass depends on the quotation, don’t book directly through the website links if you which to  have access to these passes
  • The Stand Alone Pass can only choose one location to stay
  • Stays in Lisbon are only available with dorm beds
  • All Bookings Depend on the Previous Quotation
  • For the flexible pass you’ll have to stay for a minimum of a week in the desired location, except for Lisbon, which has no minimum stay required
  • *Depends on Room Typology Available/Choosen