The best way to get around Lisbon

Best way to get around Lisbon

The best way of transportation in Lisbon is absolutely walking . Even thou it’s quite hilly, you’ll find that the city essence it’s on the secrets that will surprise you at every turn. Whether it’s magnificent views, a little kitsch shop, beautiful tiny streets or just amazing street art, you’ll never find it unless you’re walking. By the way we have the perfect Free Walking Tour available for you, so that you can truly experience Lisbon. Our free walking tour was designed to show every hidden gem that you wouldn’t see unless you are a local.

Public transportation in Lisbon

Public transport is good, but not excellent. To ride the metro, trams, buses and trains you’ll need a reusable VivaViagem card. This card is available at any station or some stationary stores, it comes in two versions: per ticket or zapping version. The per ticket version, you basically buy a ticket first for the transportation you want (bus, metro, train, etc), the zapping version you only fill it with money, this credit is valid in any combination of public transport. There’s also a 24H day multi-transport pass, which pays itself after 3 bus/tram rides.

Other ways of getting around

You’ll see many tuk-tuks around that can be used as unconventional way of transportation but this comes with a much higher cost.

Also you can always use TaxisUber and Cabify are becoming extremely available.

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