Best Beaches in Lisbon – Full Guide 2019

Summer is here! Everyone is searching for the perfect beach to relax and to enjoy a cold drink. In this article you can find the best beaches in Lisbon, accessible by train that leaves Cais do Sodré Station, right next to our Sunset Destination Hostel.

Cruz Quebrada Beach (Cruz Quebrada station)
It´s only a 15 minute train ride from Lisbon. The good part is that the train station is right next to the beach. Although it isn´t the biggest one of all the beaches in Lisbon, it has an awesome park near by, the Parque do Jamor. The park has lots of activities for all ages and somes coffees too.

Lagoal Beach (Caxias station)
The Lagoal Beach has the perfect amount of sand and its just an approximately 20 minute train ride from Lisbon. Situated in a bay, near by you can find coffee shops and the Caxias garden. Built in 1647, there lies the Fort of Saint Bruno too, henceforth ideal for photography lovers.

Santo Amaro de Oeiras Beach (Santo Amaro de Oeiras station)
The longest one of the Oeiras District, it´s just a 23 minute train ride from Lisbon to Santo Amaro Station. You decide if you want to relaxe on the sand or at the coffee on the promenade. This beach still has the particularity that it´s guarded and illuminated at night.

Torre´s Beach (Oeiras station)
Torre´s Beach is one of the many of the Oeiras Promenade, therefore offers a variety of coffeehouses, restaurants and bars. To the west is the the Fort of Saint Julião da Barra and on the other side is the Oceânica Pool. It´s a popular location, after all, it´s just a 30 minute train ride from Lisbon to Oeiras Station. Plus, it´s a guarded beach too.

Carcavelos Beach (Carcavelos station)
With 1.3 km, Carcavelos Beach is the perfect place for sports lovers. Equipped with volleyball nets, has plenty of space for football too. In fact, you can even play tennis. Nautical sports fans come here for the great waves that Carcavelos has. Is a guarded beach and in 2016 was awarded with a Blue Flag, a sign of its environmental quality. With a half an hour train ride from Lisbon, it has a range of services from restaurants, bars, showers to first aid station. After all, it is one of the most searched beaches in Lisbon.

Azarujinha Beach (Estoril station)
If you prefer something more private, you´re going to love Azarujinha. Why? In particular because of the cliffs that surround it and the natural pool that the rocks provide. The access is exclusively by feet, thought the promenade or the stairs. As expected, it´s a guarded beach and it´s a 34 minute ride from Lisbon to São João train station. You can still find Azarujinha viewpoint and lots of places to drink and grab a bite.

Tamariz Beach (Estoril station)
When leaving the train station you will find Tamariz Beach. In fact, this one is pretty popular due to being close to the casino, gardens, restaurants, and other services. And for only a 35 minute train ride from Lisbon to Estoril you can enjoy all of that. Furthermore, the promenade it´s a good spot for walking, jogging or roller-skating.

Duquesa Beach (Cascais station)
Located near Palmela´s Palace, Duquesa Beach was named after Palmela Duchess because that´s where she used to spend the summer, back in the day. It´s one of the furthest beaches from Lisbon. In this case, it takes 40 minute to arrive at Cascais train station. Nevertheless, its has much to offer. Diving school, water sports renting material and, of course, the best restaurants on the promenade!

Either you´re looking for a quiet place to spend the day or a beach full of activities this article with the best beaches in Lisbon got you covered!

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